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June 29, 2019-Kyle Cortiana a professional angler was on Lake Champlain for the FWL Tour event, he was out on his bass boat going around 40 MPH rushing back to the boat ramp to avoid being disqualified from the fishing tournament which he had to be back by 8:15 PM ,when he saw this big black disturbance in the water at around 8:05 PM he decided to get closer and with great speed the disturbance moved farther and farther away. He was going around 5 MPH to get closer and the animal(s) submerged and came back up into view avoiding the boat. Kyle said “It covered water real quick.” He estimated the part above the water to be around 4 feet but said there was more under the water as it made a large wake behind it. My own analysis of the video and stills is that there is a group of animals possibly 4 or more which makes total sense as they are known to travel in groups. Kyle Launched the boat in Carry Bay, sighting occurred 2 miles from the boat launch which is near the west side of North Hero and south of Missquoi Bay.

August 14, 2017

Michael Austin of Vergennes, V.T. and his friend W. Samuel were having an early dinner on the Lake at approximately 5:30 PM. The Lake was calm as a sheet of glass, no boats were in sight. A sudden upsurge of water appeared on the east side of the bay, followed by a very large wake. Up to the surface appeared two dark objects around 20-25 feet in length. With total amazement , a long neck followed by a small horse-like head emerged and turned in very slow motion from right to left and from left to right. Austin asked his friend W. Samuel “What the heck is that?” Samuel replied “Oh my god, its Champ!” They gazed at this animal in total amazement until Austin snapped out of this daze saying “Take a picture!” Samuel took hold of his cellphone as the animal was submerging and took three photos (one photo above). After the two objects traveled towards the west side of Arnold bay they quickly submerged. Austin said “The wake that these things left was crazy, the waves were crashing on shore as if a giant boat went by.” Austin asked Samuel “Are we still going swimming?” Samuel replied “I’m not going in that damn water!”

2015 Champ Sightings

August 1st, 2015

  Spotted something large in the water while waiting for the draw bridge to close coming off from North Hero. It was at 7:30pm 8/01/15. My fiancé was taking photos of the lake with her ipad when something large came up. She noticed a smooth large hump appear from the water and then slowly submerge. She took four photos of what looks like a large line in calm water that appears and gets smaller. I saw her reaction and missed it as I turned to see what she was reacting to.

Photo Copright: Deanna Dahlgren: 2015.

July 4, 2015

On July 4 we were moored in a sailboat with some friends watching the fireworks at the Plattsburgh Boat Basin. Both of us saw a long thin very dark "something" move through the water just in front of our boat. It was moving very quickly and was visible just out of the surface of the water. It disappeared in a few seconds as it was very dark and moving very quickly. Since it was dark it was hard to determine its exact size.

 It definitely was moving faster than any regular fish I think I have ever seen. WE had no knowledge of the Champ legend and were surprised to find all this information about it. ~  Bonita Weisman & Mark Sherry